We open doors. We support musicians. We promote diversity.

MES promotes the diversity of Finnish music by supporting its authors, producers and publishers.

The foundation allocates grants and otherwise promotes and financially supports live music events, music production, music marketing and export, publishing, education, research and development activities related to Finnish music.

Finnish music refers to the production of performing artists and composers, songwriters and arrangers who either are Finnish or live in Finland.

Promotion work focuses on professional activities and covers all genres of music. Support activities are funded by the means of funding allocated to private copying credits, government grants and donations from the communities that back the foundation. MES was founded by Gramex and Teosto.

The support is divided into

  • recording production grants
  • live music grants
  • audiovisual production grants
  • marketing and export grants
  • work grants
  • publishing, education and research grants

ESEK (Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) and LUSES (Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music) were merged in summer 2012 to be reborn as MES, the foundation for music promotion.



The Finnish Music Foundation
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16

Tel: +358-9-68034042



Nasima 2

Nasima Razmyar

Ulla Haukatsalo

Ulla Haukatsalo

Administrative Coordinator

+358-40 577 5459

Hannu Marttila

Foundation Officer



The board is the decision-making body of the foundation that decides on the organisation of the foundation's activities. The board also defines the criteria and the general guidelines for grant operations, as well as decides on the grant budgets. In the process of handling applications, the board confirms all decisions.

  • Nasima Razmyar
Members of the board of directors
  • Kimmo Hakola, varapuheenjohtaja
  • Pekka Lehti, varapuheenjohtaja
  • Hannu Marttila
  • Jari Muikku
  • Markus Nordenstreng
  • Tom Pannula
  • Risto Salminen
  • Kimmo Valtanen
Deputy members
  • Antti Auvinen
  • Ahti Vänttinen
  • Ritva Kaukola
  • Tom Frisk
  • Aku Toivonen
  • Mark Fry
  • Martti Kivistö
  • Joose Berglund

Expert committees

Expert committees

The committees of experts have a key role in the process of handling applications. They process applications and make the proposals to the board for final approval. The committees count experts of various genres of music as their members.