Special work grant, application period 12-19 June 2020 - Apply now!

Hannu Saha, 12.06.2020

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Apply for a special grant

Apply for a special work grant!

For what and for whom

A special work grant may be awarded to a private individual or to members of an ensemble or working group for a period of one month. Applicants who belong to a group must specify the name of the ensemble or working group.

To apply, you must present a work plan with justifications concerning creative work, such as composing, lyric writing or arranging, or concerning rehearsing repertoire for performances/recordings, or a combination of both.

These grants are intended for creative and performing professional musicians who are active and already artistically merited in their field. The amount of the special work grant is EUR 1,733.

Terms and conditions

  • A work grant is awarded to the applicant personally and is meant to cover ordinary costs of living during the work period applied for.
  • A work grant recipient must not receive any other similar grant or wages for the same period.
  • Grants awarded by other bodies will be taken into account when awarding a special work grant.

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on income and employment opportunities

The application round for the special work grant includes an important additional question regarding the loss of opportunities in your artistic work due to the coronavirus pandemic and its financial impact. You will also need to declare any other coronavirus-related grants that you may already have received (amount of and body that awarded the grant).

Evaluation of applications

Applications will be processed by the work grant committee of the Finnish Music Foundation, consisting of experts in the field. All applicants will be notified of the grant decisions in writing.


  • Grant application period: 12-19 June 2020
  • Decisions for applicants: 30 June 2020