Music Finland LIVE grant 2021

The Jazz & Etno Finland LIVE grant scheme, administered by the Finnish Music Foundation (MES), extends to cover all music genres and/or any combinations of them. The scheme has been renamed Music Finland LIVE.

Hannu Saha, 16.11.2020

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Music Finland LIVE grant 2021

Music Finland LIVE is a grant scheme for the independent and freelance music sector, and all music genres are eligible. It flows on from two preceding pilot programs: the Jazz Finland LIVE grant was established in 2016, and subsequently relaunched as Jazz & Etno Finland LIVE grant. Now the grant is open for applications towards professional and regular club or concert activities in 2021, and all music genres are eligible.   

  • Local professional organisers of club or concert activities are eligible to apply for the grant which will be granted towards domestic performers’ fees, as well as artist travel and accommodation costs.
  • Applications are open between 1 and 31 January 2021 and will cover the entire year’s activities. To qualify for the “regular activities” requirement, the applicant must present at least one concert each month, for the minimum of nine months during 2021.
  • Only those applicants who have secured additional municipal funding are eligible to apply, and the applied subsidy amount must not exceed double the amount of the municipal support.
  • To qualify for the professional activities criteria, the applicant must pay artists no less than 200 Euros per concert, and sufficient marketing efforts must be in place. Any tour performances already receiving existing external funding (eg. tours supported by Jazz Finland or the Finnish Folk Music Association, or co-produced tours) are not eligible for the grant.
  • The term “domestic performer” refers to Finnish citizens or permanent residents.   

The application review process will consider how the planned concert programs relate to the theses for promoting equality, non-discrimination and diversity within the music sector.


Applications are open between 1 and 31 January 2021. Specific guidelines will be posted on the Finnish Music Foundation (MES) website in December 2020. Applicants can use their login credentials to access the MES application portal. If you do not have login credentials, please register for the service and you will receive your credentials via email.

The application must include the following:

  • Applicant’s name and contact details
  • Requested funding amount
  • A description of your concert activities: the number of concerts planned for 2021 which would be funded through the requested amount. NB. The funding cannot be used towards festival concerts.
  • Performers: examples of future performers, including ensembles, line-ups, individual artists etc.
  • An estimate of performer days (the total number of work days for all musicians performing in the concerts)
  • Estimate of expenses (including artist fees and travel and accommodation costs)
  • Funding proposal / income estimate (ticket sales, sponsorship income, municipal funding, any other income). You must clearly state the total amount of secured municipal funding towards your activities, as well as the proportion of the municipal funding towards those concerts which are included in the Music Finland LIVE application.


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