Tips for the application process

Start your application process on time! Check the application deadlines and requirements by yourself - do not trust second hand information.

Carefully read the instructions on completing the application forms and provide all information requested. Moreover, check carefully what attachments are needed for applications of different forms of support (mainly phonogram production support). Avoid including unnecessary attachments! Newspaper articles, photographs, posters, annual reports and financial statements etc. are, in the very main, unnecessary.

Draft your application, especially as regards the relevant budget and the amount of support sought, from the most realistic view possible. The Finnish webpages of MES include a list of recent support decisions from which one learn the general figures of support granted. At maximum, these sums are approximately 30-50 % from the cost estimate and never 100 %.

Please note that the due dates for the applications are not the same as their processing dates. The processing procedure takes 4-6 weeks. Decisions will be notified by mail to all applicants once they have been made.

Upon receiving a positive decision, please read carefully through the letter sent in reply. The letter will include important instructions and advice on how you will obtain the amount of support granted.


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