Phonogram production support

Phonogram production support is granted for the making of new phonograms containing Finnish music by domestic performers, composers or songwriters. Support can be applied for a phonogram containing several musical works. The duration of the content (album, EP, or corresponding) shall be reported in the application. Samples of the music to be included on a phonogram must be submitted as an attachment to the application. These samples shall, preferably, be finalized material from a phonogram to be released later on - either completed (mixed/mastered) or nearly completed (recorded and raw-mixed for its major part), or - if the providing of samples in the aforementioned quality is impossible under exceptional circumstances - other audio material associated with the release. Decisions are made based on listening the sample material, so it is not recommendable to submit an application for support too early on in the production process, when the material is still in progress (e.g. demos).

Support is applied for by submitting an electronic form. Samples are provided in accordance with the application instructions in mp3-format.

In exceptional and justifiable situations support can be applied for by submitting sheet music, should it not be possible to submit a sample in audible form. In such cases, the MES office staff shall be contacted to obtain specific instructions.

Applications are to be submitted prior to the release of a phonogram. Late applications will not be processed.

Application deadlines

1) By 15 January
2) By 15 April
3) By 15 August
4) By 15 October

The processing procedure takes 4-6 weeks. Once all decisions of a particular deadline have been made, all applicants will immediately be provided with a written decision.

The applications are first processed by an Expert Committee consisting of experts in different genres of music, which gives its decision proposal based on listening to the submitted music samples. Decisions are confirmed by the Board of Trustees of MES.

Central criteria for phonogram production support are

• the quality and the level of the music and performance
• the originality, freshness and interestingness of the repertoire
• the musical and cultural significance of the phonogram
• distribution: the phonogram must have a commercial, professionally operating physical and/or digital distribution channel

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