Marketing and export support

The scope of marketing and export support covers various marketing and exporting projects concerning Finnish music and aiming towards increasing Finnish music recognition, internationalization, promotion of consumer demand and sales, and creating future export income.

Marketing and export support can be applied for through submitting an electronic form.

Application deadlines

1) By 15 January
2) By 15 April
3) By 15 August
4) By 15 October

The processing procedure takes 4-6 weeks. Once all decisions of a particular deadline have been made, all applicants will immediately be provided with a written decision.

Applications are to be submitted prior to the execution of a project. Late applications will not be processed.

Applications are processed by an Expert Committee consisting of field experts. Decisions are confirmed by the Board of Trustees of MES.

Marketing and export support can be granted for e.g.:

• project-, company-, or field-specific information/marketing campaigns
• participation in international fairs, exhibitions and similar events concerning the music industry
• export releases and other PR releases with an aim in export promotion
• inviting foreign field professionals and operatives to take part in events held in Finland
• showcases, special guest appearances and other kinds of promotional performances abroad, for which musicians are not compensated

Support is not, in the main, granted for:

• customary marketing and advertising in Finland pertaining to individual releases and events, e.g. advertising in print/electronic media and printing of advertising material

• export projects, for which either release tour or showcase support from Music Finland has been granted or could be granted. For the part of such projects, support from MES is granted only in exceptional circumstances. As regards export events, such as Womex, Midem, Eurosonic, which are coordinated by Music Finland, and which MES has supported through MF, support is granted only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. for individual artists who are not associated with a company and are thus ineligible for support from MF

• export projects, which are viewed to lack an actual export objective, plan or product, from which it is realistic to expect export income in the course of time

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