Live music support

Live music support can be received for various individual projects concerning Finnish creative and/or performed musical arts. The types of projects that are eligible for support include e.g. individual concerts, series of concerts, tours and music events both in Finland and abroad. Focus is, for the main part, in professional operations.

NOTE! Showcases and other promotional performances, for which performers are left without compensation after the deduction of travel, accommodation and related expenses, are in the scope of marketing and export support. However, solely the fact that a performance is free does not suffice as a ground for receiving marketing and export support. The situation must concern such marketing activity pertaining to an export product, from the sales and licensing of which future export income can be expected, or which includes another well-founded and concrete link to exports.

Application deadlines

1) By 28 February
2) By 30 April
3) By 31 August
4) By 31 October

Applications are to be submitted prior to the execution of a project. Late applications will not be processed.

It is not recommendable to submit an application too early on, e.g. when specific information regarding the project (what, where, when, who) is still incomplete and only in the phase of preliminary planning. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The processing procedure takes 4-6 weeks. Once all decisions of a particular deadline have been made, all applicants will immediately be provided with a written decision.

Applications are processed by an Expert Committee consisting of music industry experts, who evaluate each application in light of the criteria below and provide a proposal for a decision. Decisions are confirmed by the Board of Trustees of MES.

Central criteria for the granting of support

• class and professional level of the performers and/or the composers
• quality of the project content
• musical, cultural and regional significance of the project
• as regards projects abroad, their significance to the career of the performers and/or composers

Support is not, in the main, granted for

• projects concerning non-professional activity, e.g. student orchestras or the projects of other non-professional groups
• the customary concerts of non-professional choirs held in Finland
• projects concerning the basic activities of state-funded orchestras
• performances, for which musicians do not receive fees or are left without compensation after the deduction of costs
• performances, from which no performance remuneration is paid for the use of copyright protected works
• established, large music festivals that are within the scope of state or municipality support
• individual concerts of music festivals, except when another party than the music festival itself is responsible for their production and finance
• theater/dance theater production, where the role of music is not exceptionally significant
• projects, which are non-realistic in light of their cost and income structure
• the arranging of competitions and participation therein
• the purchase of instruments and equipment

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